Review Data Privacy Statement

The CCEP group of companies (CCEP headquartered in Pemberton House, Bakers Road, Uxbridge, UB8 1EZ) uses the Success Factors Recruitment, a cloud based talent management tool, to conduct talent management activities and to provide job opportunities in the country in which you are registering, as well as other countries and regions.  If you would like to use Success Factors Recruitment you will need to provide personal data about yourself. We are not able to process your application without the information requested in the Success Factors tool.


Your personal data may be used for reviewing applications to a specific open position and also for future job opportunities. If you agree, via the “accept” button, to us retaining your personal data on the system, your personal data may be shared among CCEP Human Resources and other functions within CCEP in order to assess whether your profile fits with future job postings. Your personal data will not be used for other purposes than those identified here.


Since CCEP is a company acting around the globe, and its recruitment functions operated internationally, your personal data and any additional information may be transferred to other CCEP entities in Europe.


In addition, your personal data and any additional information submitted or obtained otherwise in connection with a specific job posting or a Success Factors Recruitment registration will be transferred to our data centre in Amsterdam where the data will be hosted with a third party service provider. Apart from that, personal data will not be shared outside CCEP without your consent. Regardless of where the data may be accessed, CCEP will take appropriate security measures to protect the personal data, and will comply with local laws and regulations pertaining to data collection and use.


By accepting below for us to retain your data to consider you for future roles, we may contact you to request that you update your personal data on a regular basis so we may best inform you about job opportunities which may be of interest.  You also have the right on your own initiative to access, modify, erase, supplement or update your personal data included in Success Factors Recruitment at any time, and to obtain your data in machine readable format. You have the right to withdraw your consent to our processing of your data, and in certain circumstances, the right to restrict the purposes for which personal data is processed.


If you are offered a job with CCEP the personal data may be attached to the Human Resource file and retained with the Human Resource department. The personal data collected in connection with Success Factors Recruitment however, will remain within Success Factors Recruitment. The data will continue to be retained in Success Factors Recruitment for the purpose described above unless you request that we delete it. In any case, unless you have requested that we retain your data (see below) your data will be deleted not later than one year after the last system access except for the following countries where the data retention periods are different:

  • Iceland - 6 months
  • Germany – 153 days.

    If at any time you have concerns about the processing of your data, you can contact us at, and you also have the right to lodge a complaint with your national data protection authority.

    If you agree to the above and wish CCEP to retain your personal data on the Success Factors system, and to share it with the CCEP group of companies, for the purpose of considering you for future positions other than the role you are currently applying for, please choose "Accept". Upon completion of your submission, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation which will enable you to access, modify or remove your data. Otherwise, if you decline you will not be able to create a profile and/or submit your application for the role you are applying for.